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La Marie Ritchhart: Photographer

"Hi Loves! Thank you so much for stopping by. I have been a photographer for over 14 years, but I fell in love with Boudoir Photography 4 years ago because of it's special magic to make every woman feel beautiful, sexy, and alive. As a woman, I understand what it is like to not always feel pretty, to be constantly trying to live up to society's image of "beautiful". Boudoir & Beauty Photography has given me the ability to change the way women see themselves and it has become my life's work and passion to give this gift to every woman who has never felt good enough, pretty enough, or has never truly loved herself for who she is. Our clients are soccer moms, military spouses, cancer survivors, business women . . . the everyday woman who doesn't realize how truly beautiful she is. Our All-Female staff specializes in showing the every day woman who has never done a photo shoot before that she too can be a Supermodel! It is a life changing experience to discover how others see you and see yourself that way for the first time. I shoot all natural light which lends to timeless, classic portraiture because I want you to love with your portraits for years to come. I would be honored to do your personal boudoir or beauty session. Contact us for availability.



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